Back On The Road ~ Round 2!!!


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Back On The Road ~ Round 2!!! - B ANN'S BOUTIQUE, LLC
Hello Everyone! We are not one to ask for help but we are desperate to keep our business going and our fashion truck has now been off for over 1 month and this is a huge blow to not only the business, but our livelihood. We have held on during  this pandemic and city-wide shut-downs during 2020,  but just barely and unfortunately we have not been able to set aside money in saving for emergencies, such as this. Our fashion truck (which is a Chevy Stepvan) will not stay running and after having a mobile mechanic come look at it... we received devastating news. We have a fuel leak and the fuel injector pump needs to be replaced, which will have to be towed to the shop to be repaired.  This part alone is $1,500 and then there will be the cost of labor and towing.  Any extra funds will go towards the loss of sales while the truck cannot be out on the road.  So please consider helping a female-owned and operated business keep on bringing fabulous fashion to the St. Louis community.  Thank you for your consideration.  Please note this is our 2nd fundraiser as the first fundraiser did not raise enough funds. As a token of our appreciation we are giving $5 in B Ann's Buck's for every $50 donated.