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We all see it every year… the New Year’s Resolutions. We vow this is the year we will keep and stick with said resolutions. We start out strong but as the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months we find ourselves being a little less enthusiastic about reaching our goals and sticking to the resolutions we made.

Therefore, this year rather than make New Year’s Resolutions, which will likely fall to the wayside by mid-March I encourage you to make 2018 YOUR year by making those changes you know you will commit to. Don’t think of these as resolutions but rather life changes.

At B Ann’s Boutique we are making commitments to you, our Fellow Fashion Lovers, in 2018. We are excited to share these with you:

1. We Commit To Bring You New & Unique Fashion Finds At Affordable Prices. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune to look fabulous. We are continually adding new merchandise to our shop and encourage you to check out our New Arrivals Collection for these great finds

2. We Commit To Making For You The Best Handmade Bath Products. Our Bath Products are 100% organic, made with all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils. We have recently added milk baths and bath bombs to our collection. All Bath Products are custom made-to-order. butters

3. We Commit To Having The Special Finds For Those Special Occasions. In fact, check out some of these great finds with Valentine’s Day in mind.

or perhaps this backless dress:

or perhaps this gorgeous bralette:

Still need more inspiration? Check out our Special Highlights on Instagram:

4. We Commit To Rewarding You For Shopping With Us And Sharing Our Shop With Your Friends And Family. How sweet is this getting paid to do what you already enjoy doing… shopping!!! Click on the Earn Rewards tab on our Home Page to get started today. Be sure to also inquire about our Affiliate Program…. another great way to earn points and $$$.

5. We Commit To Providing You a Way To Let Others Know What You Really Want. What is this all about you ask… Well, not only do we have a wish list where you can save the items you really want for later as though shopping carts continue to fill up, but you can also share this wish list with your friends and family … as in ‘hint, hint’ this is what I REALLY want. Now they have no excuses for not getting you EXACTLY what you wanted.

6. Lastly, We Commit To Continue Bringing All The Trendiest Cat Lover Items To All the Fur Baby Mommas (and Papas) Out There. At B Ann’s Boutique we love our fur babies as much as we love fashion… in fact as I’m writing this blog I have one of my fur babies who thinks he is helping by laying across my keyboard.

So be sure to check our Cat Lovers Collection frequently as we add unique finds all the time.

In closing we encourage you to go into 2018 with a new improved you… no resolutions just you being an even more fabulous you!  We'd love to hear what you want to do in 2018 to be an even more fabulous you... share in the comments section.

Until Next Time!

Happy Shopping!!!

B Ann’s Boutique

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