COVID-19 Policy

At B Ann's Boutique LLC,  fashion is our passion, but even more important we are committed to ensuring the safety for our customers shopping on our online boutique or fashion truck. We are working closely with our manufacturing teams to ensure all warehouses are following strict cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure your purchase is safe. We are working to expedite all orders as quickly as possible, please know there may be shipping delays during this time beyond our control. During this time our fashion truck is parked, but we are counting the days till we can be back on the road to bring the fashion to you!  We appreciate and love you all.

Updated as of November 16, 2020 ~

Effective Nov 17, 2020, we will follow St. Louis County's COVID restrictions and operate at 25% capacity.
At B Ann's Boutique we are going above & beyond to keep your visit to our fashion truck safe.
1. We only allow groups of 3 or less on the truck at one time and they must be in the same party. If you arrive at our fashion truck and there is already a party on our truck we will ask that you look at our rack of clothes outside of the truck until such time they exit the fashion truck, and we disinfect after their departure.
2. We clean all surfaces with disinfect cleaning spray after each visitor on our fashion truck.
3. We also distribute disinfect spray in the air help eliminate any airborne pathogens.
4. All visitors are required to wear masks.
5. We also are ensuring we promoting and maintaining our own health so as not to expose our visitors and customers.
We appreciate you and strive help you stay safe & healthy thru this difficult time! Thank you for supporting us & look forward to you choosing us for your fashion needs. As a female-owned small business we are so grateful to each of your for your support. 🖤

Update as of June 12, 2020  ~ 

Our fashion truck is now back on the road, but we have implemented social distancing practices to ensure the safety of all visitors to our fashion truck.  As per St. Louis County guidelines we do require all visitor to our truck wear a mask while shopping.  Additionally, we keep all surfaces on our truck clean and sanitized at all times. 

Update as of April 12, 2021 ~

All staff have received the COVID-19 vaccine.  COVID-19 Vaccination card can be shown upon request.