The Bra Bridge

Tell us if this sounds familiar: Your bras are a necessity in your life so much so that you wouldn’t go a day without one BUT sometimes you wonder why you bother with them because your breasts never look quite right. Are we close?

Most women have a complicated love/hate relationship with their bras and how their breasts look in them. The Bra Bridge is designed to help women of all breast sizes shift that relationship towards loving their appearance.

The issues women have with their bras are as varied as the different shapes and sizes breasts come in:

  • An excess of side boob;
  • An overabundance of bouncing;
  • Not enough cleavage, for smaller busts;
  • A little too much of cleavage, for bigger busts;
  • General sagging, the natural result of aging;
  • A collection of bras that have stretched out and no longer fit well.

The Bra Bridge is a simple innovation: a clip that attaches to both cups of your bra and pulls your breasts in and forward, creating a slimmer, more flattering look in every day and in every outfit.

Addressing all of the issues above, the Bra Bridge helps shape your breasts, lifts and holds them in place, reduces sagging, and creates a custom fit for your bra. In minutes, you can have more confidence in the way you look, without the expense of high end fittings or invasive and time consuming surgeries.

How to Use the Bra Bridge

  1. Attach one clip to the inner edge of one cup at the desired location and the second clip to the inner edge of the other cup; 
  2. Look in the mirror: if you want more support and cleavage, release the clips and adjust each clip position upward on the cup edge. If you want less support, release and adjust the clip's position downward along each of the cup edges. 
  3. For a more discreet look with tighter fitting tops, you can secure the clips bottom side out on your bra.

Each package comes with three clips: one white, nude/beige and black, to match most popular bra colors. The Bra Bridge is made of 100% polyester for durability and strength and is easy to care for simply hand wash with laundry detergent and air dry. We do not advise using the Bra Bridge with all lace or heavily padded bras.

Put an end to side boob or too much bounce. Say goodbye to no cleavage or sagging. Try the Bra Bridge and love how you look in your bras once again.

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